Ideally located at the center of the region and the center of the country, Downtown, St. Louis is the business hub and economic engine of the 16 county bi-state metro area, the 18th largest in the United States. As home to over 1,600 businesses and nearly 90,000 jobs, Downtown offers the highest concentration of legal, financial, government and creative businesses in the region.

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Why Downtown?

Why Downtown?Downtown, St. Louis is the economic engine of the 16 county bi-state metro area, 18th largest in the U.S.


DevelopmentSince 2000, over $5 billion have been invested in a remarkably diverse portfolio of projects throughout Downtown St. Louis.

Research & Reports

ResourcesDownload and review reports on economic development, including housing, investment, and business progress.


Office Space/Real EstateHere is where you can find all the real estate and office resources that you’ll need to start your own business.

Downtown, St. Louis is the national headquarters for four Fortune 1000 companies and regional headquarters for many others. Downtown, St. Louis is home to top-ranked international firms in architecture and design, public relations and energy. In the past five years, three Downtown, St. Louis businesses were named to Fortune Magazine’s list of the World’s 100 Fastest Growing Businesses.

But, Downtown St. Louis also embraces the pioneering spirit of small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. In fact, 80% of all downtown businesses employ 25 or fewer employees who enjoy the prestige, character, convenience and value of a Downtown, St. Louis location.

Regardless of industry or size and whether starting, growing or moving your business, there’s never been a better time to locate in Downtown, St. Louis.