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Partnership for Downtown St. Louis


720 Olive Street - Suite 450
St. Louis, MO 63101

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Phone: (314) 436-6500
Fax: (314) 436-1646
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Partnership Staff

Doug Woodruff

President & CEO

ext. 224  


Jennifer Burgnone
Executive Assistant to the President
ext. 225  


Jinnett Anderson
Administrative Assistant
ext. 221


Rob Engelke
CID Guides Supervisor
ext. 255  


Kevin Farrell
Senior Director, Economic & Housing Development
ext. 239  

Ken Gabel
Director, Urban Space Management
ext. 226  

Missy Kelley 

Chief Operating Officer

ext. 240

Rosa Mayer

T-REx Community Manager

ext. 238


Bryant Parker
Clean Team Supervisor
ext. 235  


Matt Schindler
Director, Community Development

ext. 223  

Mike Sondag
Chief Administration Officer
ext. 227  

Steve Stricklan

Manager, Research and Analysis

ext. 231  


Lindsay Vanquaethem

Coordinator, Marketing & Events

ext. 237


Kelly Yeager
Landscape Supervisor
ext. 233