1) Request for Proposals: St. Louis Garment District Placemaking Services

Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2017


Downtown STL, Inc. (DSI), in partnership with the Saint Louis Fashion Fund, City of St. Louis, Planning & Urban Design Agency (City) and St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) — collectively the “Sponsors” — are seeking proposals from qualified consultants for placemaking services for the Historic Garment District (District) in downtown St. Louis. The Consultant’s services are intended to help Sponsors in their efforts for expansion and enhancement of the fashion, design and creative services ecosystem in the District.

Download a copy of the RFP here.

Addendum 1- St. Louis Garment District Placemaking RFP

Regarding the frequently asked questions about budget and scope of work, please see summary answers below.

    1. Budget: A primary purpose of the RFP is to gauge costs for an effective plan. While there are DSI funds already allocated for the project, a final budget will be set upon review of costs proposed by RFP respondents. The sponsors anticipate flexibility in the scope of work and expect consultants to allow for that in the budgeting.
    1. Scope of Work: Implementation strategy is an important component of the scope of work outlined in the RFP. The sponsors will look to consultant’s expertise on timing and phasing of the full scope of work identified in the RFP. Therefore, it would be acceptable to provide fee proposals for individual components of the work or a fee range. Please include in the response if the proposed fee is negotiable.

Please note we will have a pre-bid meeting regarding the RFP on August 15th at 2:00pm CST at our office, 720 Olive Street, Suite 450, St. Louis, MO 63101. You can also join this meeting by phone at 314-762-1006. It is NOT required of the potential RFP respondents to attend this meeting to be considered for this RFP.


Last Updated: August 15, 2017.