CID Guides

guide group
Pictured back row: Ralph, Camille, Aaron, Rob B, Mike P, and Rob E.
Pictured front row: Mike B, Rob T, Michelle, Sybilla, and Tim.

The Downtown Guides are here for you!

The Downtown CID Guides are a group of friendly ambassadors that are here to make your visit to Downtown a splendid one.  There are 11 Guides riding bicycles or walking, around the Community Improvement District (CID), that are ready and willing to help you find a great place to eat, give you directions to your favorite Downtown attraction, and even walk you to your car, workplace, or home.

Every Guide is equipped with a radio that connects us to our Communications Coordinator to assist with any further questions you may have.  They also have iPods that allow them to search and look up every business within the CID boundaries.  And no Guide would ever be caught without our Downtown Neighborhood guide!  The Downtown Neighborhood guide, or pamphlet, lists all the restaurants, shops, and amenities in the Downtown area.  The pamphlet also has a great map that unfolds to help you find your way throughout Downtown.

Call the Escort phone to request a Guide or for further information about Downtown:  314-280-4817


The Downtown Guides are looking for fun and dedicated members to join the team!

Apply now!