Light STL


Picture1#LightMyStL is an effort by Downtown STL to improve public safety and enhance the urban experience for residents, workers and visitors to Downtown St. Louis by upgrading the network of approximately 2,500 Yellow High Pressure Sodium Cobra Headed Street Lights in Downtown St. Louis with new, higher illumination, energy efficient White Light Smart LED fixtures and decorative RGB LED light strips that run the curve of the cobra necks and are capable of changing color via a secure wireless network smart technology.

The $4 million project is tentatively expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Media Coverage: STLtoday, KSDK, Ozark Radio News and KMOV


  1. Replace yellow high pressure sodium bulbs within the street lights with longer lasting crisp white light LED Smart Light Fixtures to increase illumination while reducing energy costs.
  2. Add curved light strips that can change color to the necks of each Cobra Head fixture to enhance the aesthetic of the individual fixture and create a sense of place downtown.


  1. SAFETY — Increased illumination will enhance security downtown by lighting both the street and the sidewalks. White light from LED fixtures will enhance effectiveness of LPR & Surveillance Video cameras by allowing the cameras to capture a better, crisper, more defined image with more accurate color representation (video shot at night under the yellow street lights is often difficult to discern.)
  1. SENSE OF PLACE — The curved light strips on the necks of each fixture will help form an inviting, arch-like light canopy along the downtown streets enriching the visual aesthetic of the heart of our region.
  1. COLOR CHANGING — The light strips are capable of changing color via a secure computer control, allowing the city to decorate downtown for various occasions (ex. Green for St. Patrick’s Day, Pink for Koman, Red for the Cardinals, Blue for the Blues etc.) The curved light strip will allow the city to brand itself, and the Cobra fixture with a light strip will become known as a “St. Louis Style” Cobra light.
  1. SAVE ENERGY COSTS –Reduced energy costs of operating the system allows the city to devote more resources to other important public services.
  1. MAINTENANCE –The LED lights come with a full 10 year parts & labor warranty, and a projected life of over ten years allowing the city to save money on light replacement (1-2 years on average with high pressure sodium).
  1. CONTROL — The lights are controlled via a secure wireless system with each fixture having its own unique ID, allowing for central control (ex. monitor energy use, change color) and troubleshooting (ex. Notification of a light failure).
  1. UPGRADEABLE — The new cobra light fixture is a smart light allowing for future upgrades that may include upgrades such as adding SHOT Spotter Technology or Security Cameras.