#LightMySTL is an exciting effort by Downtown STL to enhance public safety while innovatively lighting Downtown, the heart of the region.

The primary benefits that will be realized through the #LightMySTL project include the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness through transitioning to LED lights
  • Enhanced safety
  • Placemaking and sense of community

One by one, Help Light Up the Way.

It is time to light up Downtown St. Louis. New, higher illumination, energy efficient LED fixtures with a built-in security infrastructure are replacing existing street pole lights.

The crisp white smart light fixtures will shine on Downtown streets as well as on sidewalks, creating a bright effect throughout evenings. This innovative “smart city” project is the first of its kind in the region with a communication component, and, along with the bright white light, the system will enhance the effectiveness of security cameras in Downtown St. Louis.

In addition to more cost efficient, brighter lights, #LightMySTL will also enhance the urban experience for residents, workers and visitors to Downtown St. Louis. Curved LED light strips can be programmed to change color via secure wireless network smart technology and will create a sense of place Downtown. By taking on color, the new lights will help the city decorate Downtown to commemorate or celebrate various occasions, such as pink for Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure, blue for St. Louis Blues, and red for St. Louis Cardinals.

The #LightMySTL lights are custom designed and produced by Labyrinth Technologies, a St. Louis developer and manufacturer of Smart City and IoT technologies.

Be a Leader. Help Light Up St. Louis.

Through private business and individual donations, the goal is to completely fund the relighting project of 2,347 street pole lights in Downtown St. Louis.

We invite businesses and individuals to participate in the #LightMySTL sponsorship program. Each light sponsorship donation is $2,000, which covers the cost of production, installation and maintenance of one LED Smart Light fixture with module and programmable color light strip. Some poles have dual lights, and the cost to sponsor dual light poles is $4,000. In addition, each #LightMySTL sponsorship donor will receive special recognition for their contribution.

The $4 million project is tentatively expected to be completed by the end of 2018.